Our Mission

Since 2005 our mission at Ascend Mortgage is to provide California home buyers and homeowners with easy access to real estate finance.  We offer personalized guidance and have years of experience working with a variety of lenders to match you with the best options for your situation and needs.

Why Choose Ascend Mortgage?

Lowest Interest Rate: We work with several wholesale lenders rather than just one traditional brick and mortar retail bank. We search and locate the lowest interest rate the market has to offer you.

Lowest Cost: We seldom charge any fee or origination points. We do our best to provide no charge or cost to you.

Credit Back: We can help secure a lender credit back towards lender, escrow, and appraisal fee.

Fast & Easy Process: We provide results only years of experience can deliver. Our proven process makes it easy to get a home loan.

Apply Today and Receive a Free Credit Report and Home Loan Estimate.