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Rate and Term Refinance: Lowering your monthly mortgage payment can be very easy today if you have the right documentation. Our loan agents are experienced and can tell you if you will qualify for lower payments after preparing a loan application for you within minutes of receiving the required documents that you can find on our loan checklist.
Cash-Out Refinance: Refinancing to lower your interest rate and payment is our objective and sometimes it can also be an added bonus if you can do so and also convert equity into cash. Typically rates are slightly higher for cash out refinance loans compared to a rate and term refinance. At Ascend Mortgage we compare your loan request with several lenders for the best interest rates on the market and we will find you the lowest interest rate!

3 Most Common Reasons to Cash-Out Refinance

Home Remodel – Upgrading the kitchen and/or bathrooms is a great way to add value to your home. New roof, flooring wear and tear, and small maintenance throughout the home are necessary every few years.

Consolidating Debt – This often makes the biggest impact in your monthly savings and makes sense if your credit cards and/or other mortgage obligations carry higher interest rates than the loan we can refinance you into. Our loan agents will compare and will find the best solution for you that give you the lowest overall payment and the highest savings.

Investment – It is common to use the equity converted into cash towards investing into college funds for the kids, the stock market, or used as a down payment to purchase real estate.

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